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strcase is a go package for converting string case to various cases (e.g. snake case or camel case) to see the full conversion table below.


s := "AnyKind of_string"
Function Result
ToSnake(s) any_kind_of_string
ToSnakeWithIgnore(s, '.') any_kind.of_string
ToScreamingSnake(s) ANY_KIND_OF_STRING
ToKebab(s) any-kind-of-string
ToScreamingKebab(s) ANY-KIND-OF-STRING
ToDelimited(s, '.') any.kind.of.string
ToScreamingDelimited(s, '.', '', true) ANY.KIND.OF.STRING
ToScreamingDelimited(s, '.', ' ', true) ANY.KIND OF.STRING
ToCamel(s) AnyKindOfString
ToLowerCamel(s) anyKindOfString


go get -u

Custom Acronyms for ToCamel && ToLowerCamel

Often times text can contain specific acronyms which you need to be handled a certain way. Out of the box strcase treats the string “ID” as “Id” or “id” but there is no way to cater for every case in the wild.

To configure your custom acronym globally you can use the following before running any conversion

import (

func init() {
    // results in "Api" using ToCamel("API")
    // results in "api" using ToLowerCamel("API")
    strcase.ConfigureAcronym("API", "api")
    // results in "PostgreSQL" using ToCamel("PostgreSQL")
    // results in "postgreSQL" using ToLowerCamel("PostgreSQL")
    strcase.ConfigureAcronym("PostgreSQL", "PostgreSQL")